• Hi! And Welcome

    Now, I know why you’re here. You don’t arrive at this page by accident. You’re here looking for something.

    And I know what it is. More business.

    How do I know this?

    Well, with digital marketing, you don’t accidentally stumble onto a page. The internet directs you to it. So you came here from an ad, a Google search, or a post that intrigued you on Facebook or Instagram. You weren’t tricked to get here, but you followed a path that you believe can lead you to more business, and more money.

    And you are right. After all, that is the purpose of this page.

    Hi! And welcome.

    Let me show you how it works.

    Let me show you how it works

    On the surface, the Hi Durban Facebook and Instagram accounts look like your average influencer page dedicated to showcasing the City of Durban. It is and it isn’t.

    My name is Donovan and I run a digital marketing agency called mediaholic. The aim is to help businesses get more customers through smart advertising online. One thing I know, is that social media marketers are all over the frikkin place. I bet you get tons of emails and messages on how to boost your SEO or grow your Instagram followers by 10-20 thousand.

    With the prominence of social media whackjobs, comes a level of distrust. It is quite a pain to get back admin control of your social media accounts once a crooked social manager gets their hands on it. (I’ve had to do it a few times.)

    To get around this, Hi Durban was born to be used as a platform where local business can be advertised. But not in the usual influencer way.

    Oh No…

    Influencers will tell you they can show your message to thousands of viewers. Influencers make promises they don’t intend to keep. Influencers don’t know a single thing about YOUR business, or YOUR customers.

    So what makes Hi Durban any better?

    Well, for starters, there is no reliance on organic reach whatsoever. None. You did not come to this page by chance, why should your customers be any different. Marketing must be deliberate.

    Any time you advertise on Hi Durban, your ad will be targeted specifically to YOUR target market. The ads will feature a call-to-action that suits YOUR business. And, because we use paid distribution, you are guaranteed that the right people will see your ad.

    (There’s an added bonus of social credibility where it LOOKS like an influencer is promoting your business for you.)

    Oh no…

    Let’s look at a simple example;

    Let’s look at a simple example

    Let’s say you own and run a small pool service. You operate within a 15km radius of your base, and only sell your services to people who have a pool.
    Traditionally, you could put an ad in the regional newspaper, or distribute flyers in post-boxes or at traffic lights. But how do you know those people own pools, or are the decision maker you need to talk to?

    You don’t.

    Traditional advertising relies on us putting the message out to absolutely everyone and hoping the right people see it.

    Digitally, we can target people who live in the 15km radius of your base. We can target people who are interested in topics related to owning a pool.

    Better yet, we can be even smarter and target people as above and couple it with an interest-based message so unique that they are too intrigued NOT to look at your ad. (What does Wimbledon have to do with a clean pool? I bet you’d click the ad just to find out…)

    Let’s talk money

    From only R1,500 your message could reach around 45,000 people. (It can be over 100,000!) These are targeted to your business needs, not just random people online.

    Comparatively, 3 street pole ads cost around R15,000 for a month. Sure, these are exposed to a lot of traffic. But who are these people seeing the ad? (These companies can’t give exact numbers because it’s really a calculated guess)

    Interestingly, a prime-time radio ad costs around R16,000 for ONE 30 second slot, of which you need at least 3 to be memorable on the same day. That used to reach 183,000 people for R48k!!

    Do you want to know what potential results you could get from an ad campaign on Hi Durban?

    Let’s talk money.

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